NerdCave is a learning website that offers tutorials and lessons on various topics such as programming, mathematics, and technology. Our content is sourced from the NerdCave YouTube channel and is designed to help you improve your skills and knowledge in these areas. This site is made for everyone!

Raspberry Pi Pico

Everything related to the raspberry Pi Pico. Tutorials / Projects / Lessons etc.

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Mathematics ⚡️

Lessons related to Geometry, Algebra, Precalculus and Calculus. This include lessons plans, worksheets and so much more

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Computer Science

Everything needed to master computer science. The content focus on AP CS Principles and A

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Engineering Design

Lessons for 3D printing, laser cutting, DIY projects etc. aimed to studnets / hobbyist

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Learn the fundamentals of electronics.

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Everything Related to the Arduino. Tutorials / Projects and Lessons

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