👋 Meet the Nerds

Welcome to NerdCave, where being a nerd is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. Our team of super-nerds is on a mission to share our love of all things STEM with the world. We’ve got everything from electrical engineers to linguistic superstars, with a healthy dose of doggy power to keep us going. So grab your pocket protectors and get ready to meet the nerdiest nerds this side of the interwebs!

Vernon and Floki

👋 Shelf Packer at NerdCave.

Vernon - Bio

Meet Vernon, the electrical engineer turned STEM teacher in China. When he’s not busy teaching the next generation, he can be found experimenting in his NerdCave (aka where ever he founds space for all his stuff) and sharing his findings on YouTube. From building robots to creating educational content, Vernon is always on the lookout for new and exciting things to learn and share with the world.

Floki - Bio

Meet Floki, the official NerdCave mascot and resident good boy. He may only be 7 months old, but this golden retriever is already a pro at providing moral support during long coding sessions and making sure his human doesn’t forget to take breaks. When he’s not busy being adorable on camera, you can find Floki chasing squirrels, napping in the sun, or practicing his paw-to-keyboard typing skills.

Lucia (Lu Meiping)

👋 Instructor and host at Chinese NerdCave.


Meet Lucia, the NerdCave language expert and resident blender enthusiast. When she’s not busy translating our content into Chinese (Mandarin), you can find her creating stunning 3D animations or teaching online. With her linguistic superpowers and tech-savvy skills, Lucia is the perfect addition to our team. She’s always up for a challenge, whether it’s mastering a new programming language or perfecting her vegan dumpling recipe. And if you need any language tips, just ask Lucia - she’s fluent in everything from JavaScript to dumpling-speak!

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